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Booking with Confidence
Whether you are already booked or thinking about it, we encourage you to book with confidence the next stay at Magic Village Yards or Magic Village Views. Our properties are operating, and we have implemented a flexible cancellation policy due to COVID-19 trip restrictions.

You can cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to 4 pm of arrival, and you can also change the date of your stay if needed. Questions? Contact our reservations team calling +1 407 507 5900 or by e-mail reservations@magicvillage.com.
COVID-19 Updates
Your health, your safety
We have built safety protocols for our employees to help prevent the spread of CODIV-19. Our properties have implemented the highest standards of cleanliness, disinfection, and hygiene, following a comprehensive health and safety procedures, including all local laws. We are also taking the appropriate cleaning procedures to sanitize our homes. We have enhanced our operations procedures as follows:

Social distancing signage at the clubhouse.

Hand sanitizer stations at the clubhouse.

Pool and common areas following the social distancing recommendations.

Check-in with less personal interaction with procedures made pre-arrival.

Door hanger indicating that the property was cleaned and sanitized.

Hand sanitizers included in our homes welcome kit (small size).

Proper PPE usage
  • Staff is using all personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, disposable gloves, and splash goggles. All staff was trained in correct face mask and glove usage.
  • Our housekeeping team changes gloves between properties, and between certain property tasks. Hands are washed as soon as possible after gloves are removed.
  • Staff was trained regarding proper and safe cleaning techniques and property security. The team was instructed to safely use chemical products (such as germicides used to clean bathrooms) and dispose of trash, cleaning supplies, and biohazards appropriately.
Cleaning and Inspections
  • Extra cleaning time allocated to existing turnover time frames.
  • 24 hours between the last exit and next entry.
  • Guest will check-in 24 hours after the property has been inspected post-cleaning.
  • Linens and bedding are not shaken. Hand sanitizer is applied, and fresh gloves put on before setting the clean linen on the bed.
  • Linen and bedding are professionally laundered, at the correct temperatures and with the correct chemical chemistry for proper cleaning and sanitization.
  • Disinfecting product on the trash barrel or bin and place a fresh liner or bag inside.
Products and equipment
  • We are using disinfecting products on all major surfaces and high-touch areas, including doorknobs, lockboxes, telephones, light switches, remote controls, the arm of chairs, refrigerator door handles, sliding door handles, toilets, faucets, clothes hangers, and touch screens.
  • Fogger machines to disinfect our homes and social areas.
  • Non-essential visits are limited. Preventive maintenance work at vacant homes.
  • Recommend that all guests should vacate the property for the maintenance tech to enter. Technicians wear gloves and masks at all times.
  • We have implemented Wyndham’s best practices.

Special hours

Magic Village has special hours in their properties during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Also, we recommend travelers follow guidance from trusted sources such as the World Health Organization.

  More information

The Clubhouses are open Sunday to Thursday, from 8am to 12am. Friday and Saturday, 24-hours.

Guest service / Front-desk

Guest services and front desk team will be available Sunday to Thursday, from 8am to 12am. Friday and Saturdays, 24-hours.

Villaggio Restaurant

Villaggio Restaurant at Magic Village Yards is open Wednesday to Friday, from 5pm to 10pm; and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30am to 10 pm. You can also place a delivery order to your villa.